The police of the future like to post their kills on twitter
and sometimes they get ambushed by some smelly kids who set up road blocks
everyone has a real great time
collect enough badges you can win the prize
The frat boys of tomorrow like to tool around in hover pick ups
and sometimes when the bars are closed they all take turns sticking their dicks in the robot sex machine
they bought at Wal-Mart at a price that can't be beat

and the shanty towns and strip mall parking lots, nobody gives it all a second thought...

If the future doesn't care, well I don't wanna live there

The cowboys of the future they blast techno from their helicopters, shooting mutant coyotes getting drunk and shooting dope
falling out their necks get broke, it always make the evening news,
so even in the future cowgirls sing the blues

The weird kid of tomorrow he does not make it through high school,
he gets snatched up goons in suites and taken to a hospital room where they pump him full of drugs for the rest of his days
just another test tube for the FDA

the journal that he writes on his wall, one phrase recurs most of all...


The rapists of the future well they do not need the internet, they just pay fifty bucks a head to run wild in the internment camps
and the proceeds go to feeding the guards little kids
see when they keep you poor it's easy for your ethics to give

the reporters of tomorrow all subscribe to guns and ammo even though even they mostly work for gossip magazines
see those body guards got pretty mean after the beauty queen got lynched, and the crowd of homeless people drinking outside the red carpet event

and after all the shells were spent the cops went home and paid their rent with the bounty money that you get for killing homeless people and no one said a damn thing about it

and the fire pit where the banned books lay nobody ever stops to bat an eye...



from Bayonet the Wounded, released August 23, 2012
The Future (Music and Lyrics by D. Sykes)

Anderson: Lead Guitar, Bass
Huttner: Drums
Sykes: Vocals, Guitar
featuring "Bass Bitch" on bass



all rights reserved


Thee Evil Creatures Minneapolis, Minnesota

"Dead Soldiers" video now up! youtu.be/3iRvlS9KCTI

Thee Evil Creatures have been feeding on the melted faces of festival-goers, basement-show freaks, and drunken indie kids since 2008. Switching instruments as often as they switch styles, they pilfer elements of heavy rock, punk, folk, psychedelia, and straight madness to create a sonic pastiche founded in the tradition of rock and roll. ... more

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